We’re Wollongong’s
first physio hub
for dancers.

We have tailored our physio services to exclusively help dancers not only to prevent and manage injuries but to achieve body strength and flexibility to become more
resilient dancers. Discover our special programs and workshops.


There are two essential things
in dancing: first is devotion.
Second is strength.

We believe that dancing is unique and different to any other kind of sport. It is more than running, jumping and changing direction at speed. A specialised approach to injuries and problems is key to a fast recovery with minimal to no time off training and performances.

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What we do.

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Home Programs

This is a place that dancers can trust for all their injury management, performance and conditioning needs. Through private & semi-private sessions, workshops and home programs, we train the body to become stronger and resilent for dancing.

Dance is not simply a vocation.
It is an urge that comes from within.

The ability to express oneself with the body is everything for a dancer. We have pursued this field to provide dancers of any age and level with the right tools to thrive in motion.

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Dance > Everything.
Strength is in flexibility.
Knowledge is power.

Dancers are an incredibly dedicated bunch, who push both their bodies and minds to the extreme – often specialising in specific muscle groups. Running such great lengths can leave hips and feet sore, shoulders tense and muscles overused due to overexertion during training. Fortunately, dance physio can help alleviate soreness while slowly strengthening the body’s core uniformly; all with a view to creating the perfect balance between strength and agility.

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Strength and Flexibility program wollongong dance clinic

Strength & Flexibility Home Programs

If you’re looking to improve your strength and flexibility without taking up a regular class schedule, a personalized home program could be the solution for you.

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Pre-pointe Physio Assessments Wollongong Dance Clinic

Pre-pointe Physio Assessments

The pre-pointe assessment is an essential step for any young ballet dancer before moving into the exciting world of pointe shoes.  Dancers should have an initial pre-pointe assessment at least three months prior to when they plan on starting pointe class work.

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Private sessions wollongong dance clinic

Regular In-clinic Small Group Sessions

Strength and conditioning sessions can take any dancer to the next level. If you’re taking classes across multiple styles, these sessions are invaluable for improving your strength, power, and stability.

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We work with anyone
who wants the very best

Improving Flexibility

We understand the importance of flexibility in dance, and how acheiving flexibility can be more difficult for some than others. Our programs use current evidence-basedmethods to achieve flexibility safely with exercisestailored specifically to the individual dancer and their goals.

Managing Hypermobility

Whilst having hypermobilejoints can enable the dancer to produce greater ranges of movement and aesthetically pleasing lines during performances, often dancers with hypermobility deal with joint andmuscle pain and instability issues. Our programs help to stegthen and stabilise the dancing body so that dancing is safer and more enjoyable for the hypermobile dancer.

Improving Strength

A strong body is the foundation of any good dancer. Strength allows the dancer to achieve challenging shapes and lines and transition through movement with ease, making their art look clean and effortless. Our programs are individualised and age-appropiate, to help gain strength and take their dancing to the next level.

Building Resilience

Movement demands are ever increasing for young dancers, with more advanced skills being taught at a much younger age than ever before. Our programs help to support this new dance skill development, whilst minimising risk of injury and protecting their long-term health.

Girl Dancer Wollongong Dance Clinic

It all started
with a step.

Holly- Main Physiotherapist at the dance clinic


When I was growing up, I lived and breathed dance. It’s all I could think about, and I felt so good doing it. I spent every afternoon and evening after school at dancing, which unfortunately came with some niggles and injuries from time to time. I knew this was all just part of it, and I started traveling up to Sydney to see a physio who had a background in dance.

It was really important to me (as a 10-year-old!) that I could speak with someone who knew what it was like to be a dancer and how important it was to get back quickly to doing what I loved. After seeing sports physios and trying to explain and demonstrate how “my hip hurts when I developpe to second” or how I was having trouble getting into the splits and needed some help, I realized it was important I went to a physio who was not just an expert on the human body but also knew, in-depth and from personal experience, the physical requirements of dancing. It was in my early teens that I thought, “Why isn’t there a dance clinic in Wollongong?” After all, there is such a huge dance community with so many dancers that would benefit from one.


How can I book an appointment?

You can book your appointment directly through our website here. If you are unsure what type of appointment you require, please get in touch with us using the form on our contact form page.

What is your fee schedule?

Initial Consultation (60 Minutes) - $130

Subsequent Consultation (45 Minutes) - $100

Pre-Pointe Assessment (60 Minutes) - $140

Strapping Consultation (15 Minutes) - $30

What can I expect at my Initial appointment?

When we first meet you, we will spend quality time talking about your symptoms or concerns that you would like addressing. We will assess you to forma working diagnosis and treatment plan and commence any treatment or intervention that we determine is required.

Do you accept Private Health Funds?

Yes, we do! Please bring your health fund card with you so we can swipe and process HICAPS on the spot. The level of cover you have with your individual health fund will determine the rebate you receive.

Do you accept Medicare?

Yes, we do. You will need to provide us with your Enhanced Primary Care Plan Form from your GP to receive the Medicare rebate.